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Heimr is a world populated by many different races , watched over by the gods who created them. Most people of Heimr, the Heimrians, live an agricultural or nomadic life. Heimr has three major states; the kingdom of Asgard, the republic of Midgard and the territories of Utgard. There are 15 intelligent races on Heimr, some of which are fairly common to other worlds. Others are unique to Heimr. The world has two common languages; Northern Trade which is similar to English and Southern Trade similar to Dutch.

If you only want the most basic of the lore, or if you need to read up on the world of Heimr quickly you can read the lore summary .

Kingdom of Asgard

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The kingdom of Asgard is the Northern region of Heimr. It is populated by two of the Heimr races: the elves and the fae . Most Asgardians are part of it's caste system. Asgard is well known for it's advanced skills with primordial magic. Which is well understood by both the Elves and the Fae. Asgard has a large standing army, which is employed in it's long lasting war with the Utgardian territories.

Southern Heimr

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Southern Heimr is a patchwork of territories controlled by many different tribes, houses and warlords. Southern Heimr is divided into three major areas: Utgard , Zarashal and the Caldera Wasteland . There are four races that inhabit southern Heimr: the orcs , ogres , trolls and tellurians . Each of these four races tends to stick to their own specific area, mixed race cultures are fairly rare. The only thing that these races can be said to have in common is a loathing for elves, fae, Asgard and for the way they use their magic.

The Midgardian Plutocracy

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Midgard is the country wedged between Asgard to the North and Utgard to the South. The land is mostly inhabited by humans , halflings and gnomes . A large population of slemmering also live in Midgard, though Midgard is not considered their home. Midgard is the country of opportunists. The entire country is run by the banks, lead by the Undain family. Much of it's income is derived from supplying both the armies of Asgard and Utgard with whatever they need.

The Wilderness

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There are large areas of wilderness on Heimr where nobody is in charge - even within the borders of the Asgard or Midgard. Though harsh, many of the Heimrian races live in these places. Within the large forests on the mainland live the nymph , the feyfolk and the shanata . Within the seas, on the shallow sea floor live the merfolk . And in the marshes, swamps and on it's smaller islands live the lizardmen .

Religion & Magic

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There is a god for each of the 15 Heimrian races. He or she is considered to be the first of that race, and will often share many of the characteristics of that race. This god is not necessarily the god who created the race. Worshipping the god of your own race is the most common form of worship. Occasionally worshipping other gods is fairly common, as well as the worship of spirits. It is less common for someone to stray away from worshipping the god of their race entirely, and become dedicated to worshipping a different god or spirit.

There are several forms of magic on Heimr. The most common form of magic practices by mortals is divine magic . This is the magic they are allowed to do as a reward for worshipping a god. It is most commonly practised by priests. Primordial magic is the magic of manipulating the five primordial elements: water, fire, earth, air and spirit. This form of magic is practices by mages, and is done without the intervention of gods or other immortal beings. It is most common in Asgard and forbidden in most of Souther Heimr. Spirit magic is the magic done by shamans that utilize spirits to do their bidding for them. It is most common in Southern Heimr and very rare in Asgard.

The Vortex

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The vortex is a nexus between Heimr and many other worlds. It can only be entered through the portal, which is found in Midgard, near the ruined city of Ul-Targash. The portal is open all year round but the vortex is only active and inhabited for a few days each year, allowing bold travellers to visit. Very few Heimrians have dared travel to the vortex since the portal opened less then a decade ago. Many rumours of strange creatures and even stranger worlds have come back from those who survived.

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