Old crew hidden in shadows
Old crew hidden in shadows

Fated End: Factions

Meet the Factions Aboard the "Fated End."

Welcome aboard the "Fated End." On this ship, we have both crew and passengers. But it's not that simple; there are various categories of each. Let's get acquainted!


These individuals have been thrust from their medieval world into an unfamiliar time called "the present." Everything, from spaceships and computers to hot water showers and 3D printed dildos, is foreign to them. Once reliant on magic and divine guidance, they now lean on multilingual AI to help them understand and speak languages they didn't even know existed two days prior. Why and where are they being transported? What did they experience in their former world that made them so intriguing to others? They're merely pawns on a chessboard of major corporations, churches, and governmental agencies that need something from them. But remember, even pawns can become queens if they navigate the board strategically.

Old Crew

The captain sourced most of his crew from local factions: affordable, eager, and knowledgeable about local customs. However, some, including the captain himself, come from places so distant that no one has even heard of them. They're privy to the original mission, destination, and the stakes at hand, but they're not very forthcoming with this information.

Siege Corp

Reminiscent of old Midgard on the medieval world, these folks hail from hundreds of worlds dedicated to producing war machinery: guns, ships and shielding. Interestingly, they don't distinguish between nature and culture; everything, including spaceships and cybernetics, is "natural" to them. Many have cybernetic enhancements. And while they manufacture war equipment, they seem reluctant to use it. Some, however, especially those keen on renouncing their upbringing, are rather adept with weaponry.

Empire of the Cloaked Hammer

The god Ranimsul, symbolizing Caution, Strength, Art, and Judgment, reigns over these worlds. The ship's crew members from this domain, having joined an external expedition, are likely considered outcasts and heretics. Their religious upbringing makes them risk-averse and conflict-shy. Previously, they didn't fear death but saw it more as an "unproductive event". Now, separated from their god's afterlife, they're on a quest for a new purpose or deity. They serve as diplomats, scribes, lawyers, artists, and dark uniformed soldiers aboard the "Fated End."

The Living Machine

The hallmark of this faction is bioengineering. Even though they aren't aboard one of their renowned living ships, some can't resist caressing the vessel's walls and speaking to it affectionately. Their diverse appearances might confuse many about their original race or gender. While their name implies a collective consciousness, this could not be further from the truth as they champion individual choice above all. Leaving to join a starship to venture new worlds could actually have been encouraged by the families of these crewmembers. Their faction includes doctors and biologists, eager to study new worlds' unique species.

Aurogan Defence Federation

Undoubtedly the most eclectic, this faction unites primarily to shield themselves from political subjugation by the three other factions. Federation citizenship is open and diverse, resulting in members that might proudly don their world's uniform or eschew such attire entirely. Acutely aware of the threats of interstellar assimilation, they often ally with worlds of varying, sometimes controversial or downright evil cultures to prevent this destiny. Their motivations for joining the "Fated End" are multifaceted: some might seek to cushion the blow for the new world, while others hope for personal gain. Such varied intentions make Federation crew members enigmatic, often taking on roles aboard the ship that the specialties of other factions don't cover.

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