During the next event (Convergence 1: Fated End) we will not be using any of the below gamerules. We won't be any gamerules for the coming event. We will replace the below rules with the new rules once they are finished. These rules are here for archival purposes.

This is the old version of the Larp Rulebook .

As a player you don't need to read all of the above rules. Reading the Core Rules and your own skills, conditions and items is enough. The rest is purely optional. If you don't know which skills, conditions and items to get for your character we will gladly help you or even build your character for you based on your background.

Also check out the helpful documents below.

Here is a (Dutch) summary of the rules everybody needs to know by heart.

Here is a Character sheet you can use to create a new character at home. We advise you to download it and open it on your computer, as browsers don't always show all the data in this PDF. You can fill it in, print it, and send it to the SL beforehand or take it to the event.

This is a downloadable version of the rulebook. We advise you to use the most recent version on the website, as it might have some subtle differences, but if you want an offline version this one works fine.

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