Name: Troll
Type: Tertiary


  • Composed
  • Have a tendency to shake off past events

Breeding: Year round
Gestation period: 9 months
Natural lifespan: 80 years
Life expectancy at birth: 17 years
Adulthood: 18 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 46 years

Other visually distinguishing features:

  • skin colour that varies between a grayish blue and a light gray
  • Sometimes lower jaw tusks

The Trolls are one of the fifteen standard races .

They live for about 80 years before they die of old age.

Physical appearance

Trolls can be easily spotted as so, because of the colour of their skin and sometimes fairly large tusks in their lower jaw. Trolls are of regular height and build. The colour of their skin is blueish grey. They are known to have fangs similar to the Orc race, though this feature is only present in about a third of the Trolls.


Trolls are Omnivorous and about a third of their race has large tusks in their lower jaw. Trolls find it easier to shake off experiences when compare to other races. They usually return to homoeostases quit easily in a few days. In addition trolls have a slightly higher composure than the other races and thus handle stress better. They have a higher tendency to believe everything will work out just fine.


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