Name: Ogre
Type: Secondary


  • Tough
  • Disease resistant
  • Muscular

Breeding: opportunistic breeders based on food availability
Gestation period: 3 months per litter
Natural lifespan: 40 years
Life expectancy at birth: 5 years
Adulthood: 8 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 22 years

  • Sometimes lower jaw tusks
  • Sometimes one or more horns
  • Sometimes extremely hairy
  • Usually 1 or 2 of the above

The Ogres are one of the fifteen standard races .


Ogre Ritual
Ogre Ritual

Ogres are large, bulky humanoids quite similar in appearance to normal humans. They tend to be very muscular, even female Ogres, much more muscular and taller compared to humans. Other distinguishing features when compared to humans are: lots of hair all over their body, one or more horns protruding from their head and large fangs in their mouths. Although nearly all of the Ogres have at least one of these features, it's not common to see an Ogre with all three. Most Ogres feature a combination of two of these features.


Ogres are more resistant to disease and infection and their wounds heal faster when compared to the other races. They also tend to shrug of wounds that might fell other races.

Ogres will grow for the better part of their life. Becoming ever larger as they grow older. On average a human size Ogre would be around 20. But their height varies greatly.

On average Ogres are less intelligent than the other races. But this is caused by outlier ogres that are less intelligent than the other races. Any individual ogre might be as intelligent as any of the other races, and the smartest ogre on any given world isn't any less intelligent than the smartest of any of the other races.


The diet of an ogre varies greatly, as they are able to eat just about anything that comes in range of their mouth. This includes raw meat, cabbage, a glass of ale after it has been emptied, and with some frequency sand, pebbles and smaller rocks. This last one is used by ogres to improve digestion.

Ogre Tribe
Ogre Tribe


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