** Religion and gods **

A god or deity is an entity that harbors the souls of the living after they die and before they are reborn. They seem to exist on almost every world and their existence before the races seems a convergent event although it has never been directly observed. The gods are the only entities that appear to be convergent. Most worlds have 15 gods, corresponding to the 15 races.

Good and evil

Every god is split into two entities that seem to wage war against each other. They share the same name and personality apart from their egoism or altruism. Some would say that this means that every world has 30 gods instead of 15.


Gods have portfolio items which are domains of responsibility and power the gods hold. They seem to acquire these over time and can gain more by consensus of the other gods which usually follows a consensus amongst the mortals. 1 portfolio items for every god seems to be convergent, the rest is up for grabs and their distribution varies.

Divine beings

Gods have Divine beings that serve them. These beings serve the gods without question nor free will. Most of these beings serve the god in their respective divine realms, but some of these beings (usually lower in rank and power) get send to the worlds to perform the will of the gods amongst the mortals. The gods have 1 good and 1 evil type of divine being. But these types are not convergent, so different worlds have different types of creatures as divine beings.

Divine realms

Gods have divine realms. These realms exist in divine space and hold the souls of the deceased. These realms are usually not accessible to living mortals, although they can be reached by powerful rituals or the use of DMTs

Interstellar gods

When gods meet themselves from other worlds they sometimes seem to clump together and become a singular entity. These are called interstellar gods and are amongst the strongest entities known. In rare cases the gods clump together with different gods... that share the same set of (or at least similar enough) portfolio items.

Gods and the races

The gods are not convergently bound to a specific race. This means that any god can be of any race.

Current notable local gods

We should keep an eye on some of these local gods. Current local gods

Famous gods

Famous gods are interstellar gods that have gained so much fame or infamy that they are known trough a large part of the galaxy. Famous gods

The 15 gods

These are descriptions of the convergent phenomena of the 15 gods.


Danu MV is a deity of Fertility. Often depicted as a pregnant woman or nursing a baby.


Ganinisum MV is a deity of Hospitality. Often depicted warmly smiling and with an extended hand.


Gataur MV is a deity of Community. Often depicted working, dancing or singing with his subjects.


Januri MV is a deity of Love. Often depicted in the embrace of a faceless lover.


Nantillion MV is a deity of Health. Often depicted nursing a sickbed.


Ranimsul MV is a deity of Caution. Often depicted hiding behind something (traditionally a tree).


Ratish MV is a deity of War. Often depicted wielding weapons and wearing armour.


Sin MV is a deity of Revolt. Often depicted in defiance of 14 figures above them.


Tahordyn MV is a deity of Protection. Often depicted shielding people under a cloak or robes.


Talor MV is a deity of Knowledge. Often depicted reading atop a pile of books.


Tal'kinita MV is a deity of Rest. Often depicted lying down or sitting in lotus posture with closed eyes.


Uastra MV is a deity of Harvest. Often depicted standing in a field of grain wielding a scythe.


Vanessa MV is a deity of Pleasure. Often depicted intoxicated at an orgy.


Wana MV is a deity of Hunting. Often depicted wielding a bow and holding a shot animal.


Zalsz MV is a deity of Destruction. Often depicted as wielding a hammer and seen trough a broken mirror or window.

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