Name: Lizardmen
Type: Tertiary

  • Cold blooded
  • Shed skins
  • Territorial

Breeding: Seasonal breeders during the winter
Gestation period: None (eggs)
Natural lifespan: 180 years
Life expectancy at birth: 48 years
Adulthood: 23 years
Life expectancy at adulthood: 103 years

skin colour: Dark green and browish grey scales
Other visually distinguishing features:

  • Bipedal lizards
  • Scales
  • Tail
  • Fangs

The Lizardmen are one of the fifteen standard races .

Lizardmen tend to live in warmest regions on Worlds. They are cold blooded.


The lizardmen are one of the few species that is cold blooded (together with the merfolk) and they are the only species who sheds their own skin. Their main concerns in life is to stay warm. Unlike the warm blooded races Lizardmen do not have to eat several times each day. Because their bodies do not constantly use energy to regulate their temperature, they can go without food for several weeks at a time as long as the do not engage in straining activities.

When their body temperature is chilled Lizardmen are calmed and better organized. When Lizardmen are warm their bodies become more active and they are much more hastened and easily angered. They are also very territorial. They will fight any unannounced invader including their own friends. This will happen regardless of how warm or cold they are. Though the discomfort may provoke a greater desire for deadly vengeance.

Physical appearance

Lizardmen have leathery skin often covered with scales. These tend to be very durable and tough. In a way it is their natural armor. However because the skin does not naturally regenerate it's scales a Lizardmen will in his life time go through several years in which many if not most of the scales are lost, leaving vulnerable areas on their bodies.

The skin of a Lizardmen tends to vary between a dark green and a brownish grey. The scaleless parts of their body are often pink like that of humans. Their Thick and ridged tail helps them balance. They do not have the ability other races share which allows them to balance efficiently. So without a tail they are unable to walk properly.


The size of lizardmen is determined by it´s lifestyle. A lizardmen that performs allot of heavy labour grows large and bulky while a lizardmen that sneaks around, becomes small and nimble.

They also have the great advantage of regenerating limbs. As long as no vital organ is lost Lizardmen can grow any body part back within 3 months. The strength of Lizardmen is comparable to that of Ogres, however lost limbs are never as strong as the original.

Rather then having their scales grow as they become needed, Lizardmen shed their entire skin when they grow. They do this around every 40 years. Though this can be slower or faster depending on how much he or she has eaten and thus been able to grow. On average Lizardmen shed their skin four times during their life. Each time growing taller as they do so.

The average lifespan of a lizardman is 180 years. After about their 160th birthday and their forth skin change their bodies deteriorate very fast until they die, if a lizardmen is about 175 years old their bodies are numb, unfeeling and, if cared for by others, sometimes held together by rope and bandages. They usually change skin (like a snake) at around their 40th birthday, 80th birthday, 120th birthday and at the age of 160.


Lizardmen are omnivorous, they can eat anything and everything that crosses their path if hungry, this includes dead enemies and comrades.


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