Primordial Magic

Drawing on the power in the air around him the mage focused all the energy into a single point. Then, drawing on the power in the staff she carried with her she added to this power even more. Waving a complex series of gestures while speaking ancient words to harness the last bit of energy within her she was ready to unleash the automata. The entire little dance had not taking longer than a few seconds and it was almost a rote action at this point. The winds around her picked up paste and the duelling mage in front of her was knocked on his back, losing his concentration on the, doubtlessly more powerful, spell he was preparing. But now that he had fallen down she had time to cast her truly offensive automata. It would all be over soon.

Primordial magic is the domain that gives you the ability to manipulate the five elements, the very building blocks of matters. The primordial magic domain enables you to create your own spells trough an extensive system called automata crafting. But if you want you can play a mage with the spells that are already in the system, or build by other players.

This domain has many skills, conditions and items that give you ways to conjure up power. With this power you can power your automata (or spells) to alter reality around you.


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