Convergent Organisations


Convergent organisations

These are organisations that always get founded in the convergent timeline with almost always the same goals. Whether or not they become very widespread on their world is usually not convergent though. Their names might change or morph over time, making them hard to recognize sometimes.


  • Truth (Gather knowledge - Talor)
  • The twisted helix (Name: TODO) (Eugenics - Danu)
  • The Communists (Name: TODO) (Fight against private ownership - Gataur)
  • Free software foundation (Name: TODO) (Provide free software - Gataur)
  • The One (Name: TODO) (Match people with their best love interest - Januri)
  • Franse vreemdelingen legioen (Name: TODO) (Fight in wars - Ratish)
  • Hilton (Name: TODO) (Provide a room for everyone who needs one - Ganinisum)
  • Osterian crusaders (Protect the numen community - Tahordyn)
  • Mental institutions (Protect people from themselves - Tahordyn)
  • Artsen zonder grenzen (Name: TODO) (Provide healing to those who need it - Nantillion)
  • Sloopbedrijf (Name: TODO) (Provide destruction to those who ask for it - Zalsz)
  • EFF (Name: TODO) (Protect the freedom of the internet - Ranimsul)
  • Bits of freedom (Name: TODO) (Protect online privacy - Ranimsul)
  • Anarchy united (Name: TODO) (Topple governments - Sin)
  • Graves united (Name: TODO) (Provide rest to those who need it - Tal'Kinita)
  • Farmers (Name: TODO) (Promotes the rights of farmers - Uastra)
  • Spa network (Name: TODO) (Promote indulgence - Vanessa)
  • Assassins guild (Name: TODO) (Hunt very specific targets - Wana)

Available portfolio items:

  • Interbus (Name: TODO) (Get people from A to B - Travel)
  • AK47, for everyone!! (Name: TODO) (Arm those that fight for freedom - Freedom)
  • Historians (Name: TODO) (Catologue timelines including timejumps for each world - Time)
  • The Timekeepers (Name: possibly TODO) (Count the days from the beginning of time - Time)
  • Chamber of commerce (Name: TODO) (Facilitate trade amongst (mega) corporations - Trade)
  • The Guild (Name:TODO) (Promote craftmanschip as a unique luxury good - Craftmanship)
  • Magic tamers (Name: TODO) (Fight against the use of magic to usurper the gods - Magic)
  • Rasberry pie/adruino (Name: TODO) (Provide learning electronics to anyone who wants to learns- Electronics)
  • The free software foundation (Name: TODO) (Provide everyone with the tools to write software - Software)
  • The gallery (Name: TODO) (Provide a platform for artists to showcase their art to the galaxy - Art)


  • Convergent Stories Broadcasting (Spread secular news)
  • Orrilion family (Make the gods obsolete)
  • Pure shamans (Fight against false spirits planted by the gods)
  • Slemmering dream network (doesn't seem to work on an interstellar level) (maintain communication lines within shared dreams)
  • A Primordial magic university (Teach people magic and research more magic)
  • Connected Galaxy Initiative (Explore new worlds)
  • AI rights foundation (Fight for the rights of AI)
  • Anti-AI organisation (Fight against the use of general intelligent AI)
  • An organisation that sells weirdly stimulating chocolate (Make money)
  • Haste fleet deployment (Make money)
  • The organisation that builds the portals (Make money)
  • Een frisdrank brand (Make money)
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