In Character Introduction of Midgard

As you walk trough the great gates of Midgard a guard signals you to come to him.

''Good evening. I am Gratar Ungosh, your personal gate guard for the next few minutes. I am going to check the things on this list here and than I will either welcome you to Midgard or kick you out again, accordingly." The Human guard looks at you with a fake smile, he clearly has to put up with this every day. "If this is your first trip to Midgard I suggest you read the laws of Midgard written on that piece of paper on the wall and come see me again if you have questions or when you finished reading."'

As you follow the guards' finger pointing to a short note hanging on the wall, he is already busy welcoming the next visitor.

The Laws of Midgard version 5, as written by Anton Undain on 16-05-1544 Lorekeepers date.

Law 1: Do not kill a non-outlawed humanoid. Punishment: Death.

Law 2: Do not steal or destroy possessions from a non-outlawed humanoid. Punishment: Banishment and payment for destruction to harmed party.

Law 3: Do not rape nor intentionally physically harm a non-outlawed humanoid unless out of self defence. Punishment: 10% tax increase plus 1 week slave work for harmed party.

Law 4: Do not disobey the Midgard guards. Punishment: 10% tax increase.

These are the laws, if you uphold them I and the banking guild bids you welcome in Midgard.

`Signed Anton Undain `

"Right. You done yet?" Gratar asks you. "You understand everything? That's great!" He stamps some papers and hands them to you. "This is your contract with Midgard, as long as you're here, you have to follow those 4 laws, you should keep hold to that because it also proves I checked you."

"Now I will tell you a bit about Midgard so you know whether or not you feel yourself at home here."''

"Midgard stands for freedom, "Might is right". "Do as you please, but harm no other." and "Harm others to better oneself but do not conflict the law." and "Conflict the law only if you are prepared to face the consequences" and "Don't get caught, don't face the consequences.". The people of Midgard love their freedom... or at least, those who have the riches to do nice things with their freedom. The market is not regulated. Capitalism in its purest form reigns supreme. No excise tax, no subsidy, no forced health fare nor Pension, no drinking age, no age of consent, no minimum wage, legal slaves, no regulation on medicine or other possible harmful products like weapons and beverages. Taxes are based on usage of roads and occupation of land. The poor loose more and the rich gain more. But that's a problem that solves itself because the poor soon die of starvation or migrate to one of the other two kingdoms." The guard tells you as he laughs to himself. "Midgard is mainly a trading kingdom, everyone is welcome, unless they cause trouble. One of the few penalties of Midgard is banishment, the others are higher taxes and death. As you might have heard from what I just said, there are no prisons in Midgard. You also pay for any and all troubles you cause to the guard while they try to catch you for any crimes you commit. So if you value your money, don't commit crimes. The kingdom consists mainly of humans. The leaders of Midgard are simply the ones with the most power and that are the banking company's. Organized religion in Midgard is relatively rare because churches don't receive subsidy and are equally taxed, but the most popular god is "Ganinisum" the gnome god of freedom and fun." The guard sneers a bit when mentioning religion.

"All right, of you go, and don't cause trouble."

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