Basics of Spirit Magic

Each person with skills of a shaman or spirit guide can travel into the spirit realm, where they have a power called mana. Once there, shamans can form a relationship with a spirit, a condition known as a spirit bond. These bonds are created when a shaman makes a deal with a spirit. In exchange for a service the shaman provides for the spirit, known as a bane, the spirit will aid the shaman with some kind of feat. For this, the shaman receives a spirit contract condition.

Knowing this, you are ready to play a shaman. There are many variations and different levels of power involved in spirit magic. There are spirits as weak as a soft breeze and there are spirits more powerful than the biggest tornado's. Equally so, while some spirits will simply refuse to work with a shaman if he fails to uphold their bane, others may be so angry they'll outright kill the shaman and possibly take some of his friends with him for good measure.


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