Battlefield Surgery

A good surgeon is useless during the first battle of the war. - Anonymous general defending his choice of expensive field medics to his colleagues.

Battlefield surgery is the domain focused on treating combat related injuries. After a battle, surgeons and their assistants franticly work to save the lives of those who lay dying. Treating injuries on the battlefield is a race against the clock. You will likely encounter situations where there will be more patients than you can treat.

It is up to surgeons and their assistants to quickly decide how to spread their resources. Do you try to save everyone? Should you focus on those most likely to survive? Surgeons and assistants must work coordinated, and you'll likely do it under pressure of the friends of those who's lives you're trying to save.

Treating injuries is divided up into two stages. If the injury is life threatening, the first step is to stabilize the patient so they will not bleed to death. You can use the battlefield surgery skill to do this. When the patient is stable you can then stitch and bandage the wound to close it.

In the first stage, the battlefield surgery stage, the surgeon picks a card at random from a deck of cards that they carry with them. This card determines how many willpower the patient loses (affected by the skill of the surgeon and the size of the team working on the patient) and whether or not the patient dies from his or her wounds.

In the second stage. The stitching and bandaging stage, the healer picks a card at random from a different deck of cards and this card determines whether or not the wound gets infected.

After the wound has been stitched and bandaged the slow process of healing actually begins. Unless magic is used, this healing process will not end before the ending of the event and players will need to deal with their various wounds and infections during downtime.


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