Getting Started

So, you want to LARP with us? We would love to LARP with you! Lets get you set up.

First of all, if you don't know what a LARP is you might want to read up on that first.

Below are the next steps you can take. If at any point you feel stuck please contact us and we will gladly help you get started.

This is My First LARP

Not to worry. Convergence is a LARP where new Larpers are welcomed.

If this is your first LARP then the chance is high you don't really know what to expect of a LARP in general. And that is okay. We will gladly talk to you upfront, during and after the event to help you with any points you feel you need help with.

Do know that Convergence is but one LARP and that there are many LARP styles and genres. If you are disappointed with our event or with the reading the descriptions of our type of event, please reach out to us with an explanation about where your expectations where not met and we might be able to direct you to a LARP better suited to your style and preferences. Our team collectively has a lot of experience with LARP in the Netherlands in general and we will happily find you a different LARP so you can give the hobby a second chance.

Reading the Setting

The Convergence setting is larger than most LARP settings. But don't worry, it is set up in such a way that you can play a character that knows little about the world around them if you want. That way you can explore the setting while playing. But if you want to play a character that knows a lot about the world around them or knows a lot about a specific aspect of the world, you can dive right in and read as much as you want.

Reading the Rules

The Convergence rulebook is also larger than most LARP rulebooks. However the rules are also set up in such a way that you don't need to read them all. If you want we will create a simple character together with you and then all you need to read are the core rules and the few special skills and conditions your character has.

Signing up for our Next Event

You will need to sign up for our event. You can do this before finalizing all the details of your character and before creating your costume.

Creating a Character

The next thing you need is a character. Read the character creation page for more information. If you sign up as a directed character you will get one or (most likely) several pre-written characters from us to play per event.

Optionally Join a Group

Going to a LARP with a group of friends (or even strangers) that have characters that know each other can truly make the experience better. Especially if this is your first LARP, we would recommend going with a group of experienced LARPers that can help you in the process of making your first character and building your first costume. But this step is completely optional. Most participants on our LARP play without a group.

Optionally Add to the Setting

One of the things that makes Convergence unique as a LARP is that our setting is ever evolving and open. This means that our participants write the setting together! You can optionally add the details of your home village, religion, culture, hobbies, etc to our ever growing setting wiki. Who knows, you might inspire others to create characters that share setting ties with your character or you might inspire the game masters to create directed characters and situations tied in with the part of the setting you created. You can even create parts of the setting that have nothing to do with the character you are playing if you enjoy the process of collective world building.

Creating a costume

You will need a costume. Most directed characters will get a costume provided by the organisation and you will only need to provide some basic clothing to wear underneath it. But if you want to play your own character you will need to create, buy or borrow your own costume. The community of Convergence can help with tips and tricks on building your own costume.

Packing for the event

Here is an incomplete list of what you might want to bring to the event. Use it as inspiration and a checklist for your own packing list. Try and be self sufficient as much as possible, but if at the event you realize you forgot something just ask us, we might have some extra stuff lying around.


Convergence is not a camping LARP and we have indoor sleeping, usually with many people in 1 room. So you don't need to bring a tent. However, most events don't have bedframes and matrasses so bring your own:

  • Camping bed/inflatable matras
  • Sleeping bag/blankets
  • Pillow(s)
  • Earplugs
  • Eye-mask

Eating and drinking

Although we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner during the event, we do not provide you with any snacks or alcohol. Make sure you bring:

  • Plate and cutlery (preferably in character)
  • Drinking cup (preferably in character)
  • Water bottle
  • Any snacks you want to eat (preferably in character)
  • Any alcohol you want to drink (we prefer if you drink non-alchoholic drinks while the game is still going on and you are no longer allowed to fight after having consumed alcohol)


There are usually showers on the premise (but check the event page if you want to make sure). You can pack the following guide to make sure you keep smelling fresh on the event:

  • Towel
  • Shower soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Fresh out of character clothes and underwear
  • Toilet paper (we provide enough, but if you have extra space it can't hurt to take one for yourself)


Bring your own costume to portray your character (or at least some standard medieval looking garb to wear underneath your directed character costume if you are portraying directed characters). Here are some basics to think about:

  • Makeup and prosthetics to portray the race, gender and age of your character.
  • In character shoes (make sure no brands are visible at least).
  • In character pants
  • In character shirt
  • Belt
  • Pouches to carry small items in
  • Weapon scabbards rings or holsters
  • Weapon and or shield
  • Silicon spray for your weapons and shield
  • Armour
  • Props for healing/magic/alchemy/rituals/religion/crafting/hacking/science/engineering/electronics/etc
  • Laptop, tablet and/or phone (with any out of character stuff temporarily removed from the main screen)
  • Other props your character would carry on while on the ship
  • In character bag/backpack
  • Safety pins for emergency costume repair.


To make sure you stay warm during the larp thing of taking the following with you:

  • Thermal underwear
  • Extra socks (we recommend at least 2 pairs per day)
  • In character looking coat and or cloak
  • In character looking gloves


To play the game you might want to take some printed information with you (or loaded up on your phone), although all of that is optional, what might help is:

  • The single A4 summary of the rules
  • Your skills, conditions and items printed out beforehand
  • Some keywords from your background you want to remember
  • A list of how you want to spend your 15 points and 500 copper if you are going to play a new character (although you can also pick this at the event).


  • Identification
  • Some money
  • Medicine
  • Phone charger
  • OV chipcard
  • Housekeys